Japanese rice

Rice is the base of Japanese cuisine. Served in a small bowl, it is served at all meals. Japanese rice is of the variety called japonica. It is boiled in water without adding any salt or other condiments. Small, round shaped, with a shiny appearance and containing starch, it is sticky which allows easy consumption with chopsticks. It is used for sushi of course and is therefore frequently called “sushi rice” in other countries.

There are various varieties of Japanese rice depending of its methods of cultivation, region or type of water used for irrigation. Their textures (firm or soft), flavours (more or less sweet) and aspects after cooking (more or less sticky) vary. The most renowned rice kinds are koshihikari, akitakomachi and sasanishiki.

In sushi restaurants in Europe, the rice is most often of poor quality and prepared in advance. Stocked already cooked in a refrigerator, it loses its qualities. Cooking rice from our selection at home will offer a higher quality level of taste.


 (lien blog préparation du riz, lavage et cuisson)
Rice cleaning recommendations :
Put the volume of rice you want to cook in a big bowl and pour fresh water inside until you get to 3-5 centimeters of water above rice. Mix for 10 sec. with your fingers spread with your hand like half opened as if you were holding a tennis ball. The starch coming out make the water white. Throw the white water away immediately to avoid absorption of the starch by the rice. Repeat 2-3 times.
Then, rince the rice until the water comes clear. Avoid scrubbing the rice or it will lose its flavor.

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